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About TechniStone


SCS Global Services - Indoor Advantage Gold 

Product compliance is determined by using the reported emission factors calculated during laboratory testing and applying standard modeling parameters for office, classroom, and/or residential environments.
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SCS Global Services - Recycled Content

Recycle Content certification is valid only for selected products of TechniStone®, which are certified and divided in 4 categories according to the content of recycled ingredients in the product. 
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Health Product Declaration (HPD)

HPD provides a full disclosure of the potential chemicals of concern in products by comparing product ingredients to a wide variety of “hazard” lists published by government authorities and scientific associations.
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NSF International

Certificate NSF International marks a material suitable for food contact. More information at NSF.
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Certified by the TCNA for zero content of volatile organic compounds.
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Certificate EN I-SO 9001. For more information visit TUV SUD.
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The declaration of performance 

The Declaration of Performance is a key part of the Construction Products Regulation. It provides information on the performance of a product. Each construction product covered by a European harmonised standard or for which a European Technical Assessment has been issued needs this Declaration and has to be CE marked. ​


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