Manufacturing process of TechniStone®

The technology of our engineered stone is based on the production of semifinished products which are subsequently processed into the fi nal product. There are the following operations.


Materials preparation
Raw materials are inspected, sorted and cleaned. 

Materials are fed into mixers and blended together.

The mixture is transported to spreading equipment or between 2 paper sheets and evenly spread.

Vibro-press machine changes materials in a vacuum environment into the compact mass.

The slab is carefully put into the curing oven where it is heated. After that is the new slab cooled down.

Calibrating & Polishing
The slabs are measured and calibrated to the required thickness and surface is polished.

Tiles Cutting
Slabs with dimensions of 306 x 144 cm can be further cut to almost any sizes. 

Quality Control & Storage
All slabs are inspected and sorted according to their quality by trained personnel.

Finally, the slabs are safely stored in a warehouse and dispatched at regular intervals to customer.